Practical/Hands-on Seminars

Friday, October 1st, 2021 at 11:00-13:15, Room: MC2

Digital Transformation: BE where the world IS GOING
Coordinator: Prof. Phophi KAMPOSIORA
Presenter: Prof. George PAPAVASILIOU
Sponsored by Carestream

About the seminar/workshop:
This workshop with hands-on participation is designed to introduce the novice to digital technology for impressions, and to provide the experienced user with an insight to the unique features of Carestream scanners that makes them more user friendly than ever.

The presentation of pre-processing features will help to augment clinical use of the scanner and improve scanning speed.

Post-processing features will be presented as well. They are designed to improve digital impression quality, to enhance clinician-technician communication and make interaction of different digital sources feasible.

A step-by-step approach on mastering the digital impression learning curve will provide with a tool to avoid drawbacks in everyday clinical use of the scanner and lead to predictable restoration quality.

The presentation of Carestream scanner’s advanced features is designed to be a guide on why we should invest to digital technology for our practices.

This workshop, part of which will be done in real-time on a patient, will be coupled with an extensive hands-on session, both on specially designed models, as well as training on a live patient.

Free entrance – Limited number of seats
Important note: Participation is available only for the 44th EPA Congress Registered Delegates

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Friday, October 1st, 2021 at 14:15-16:30, Room: MC2

How to design and deliver a biologically and prosthetically sound anatomical healer
Presenter: Dr. Ioannis VERGOULLIS
Sponsored by Ariston Dental

About the seminar:
The emergence and cervical soft tissue profile is a truly underestimated parameter of treatment in modern implantology. Even going back to the nineties we can find research data that point out the biologic importance of the peri-implant soft tissue. However, the available techniques for the emergence profile management were never established as standard of care for all implant cases. This is mainly due to the fact that they require extra time, increase the cost of treatment and are somehow difficult to master. However, the new research data available on this topic along with the increased rate of cases affected by peri-implantitis worldwide point out the need for dentists practicing implantology to re-evaluate critically the currently applied treatment protocols and adapt to the new information available.

Theoretical part
During this presentation, the fundamental steps for prevention of peri-implantitis, following a step-by-step approach from implant selection to implant restoration, will be analysed.

Free entrance to the theoretical part. Limited number of seats, priority on arrival.

Part 1: CSP Prosthetically enhanced ridge preservation on a posterior site

A molar extraction site will be evaluated and treated with the CSP ridge preservation procedure. The participants will be trained on socket evaluation and treatment approaches. The process of composite resin membrane selection, chair-side fabrication and application along with the selection and application of an ideal for the site bone replacement graft will be explained in detail and practiced by the participants.

Part 2: Immediate implant placement and socket sealing on an anterior site
A maxillary central incisor extraction site will be treated with immediate implant placement. The participants will be trained on proper Implant selection and osteotomy 3D preparation; The site will receive an immediate implant along with proper regenerative procedures and the socket opening will be supported and sealed with the use of a properly selected anatomical healing abutment that will be fabricated chair-side.

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